Our series of on-demand webinars about food and nutraceutical clinical studies is available now. Registration is free!

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials would like to announce the release of a series of On-Demand Webinars. They are available free of charge from today onwards.

Conferences and Tradeshows are a great opportunity for us to engage in clinical trial discussions with clients and partners. However, with the current COVID-19 situation, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our community and stakeholders. For that reason, we are postponing our international travel to the second half of the year.

Despite the current situation, our commitment to educate food and ingredient companies remains active during this uncertain period. This webinar series is an opportunity to expand your knowledge about clinical trials and get access to exclusive content such as publications or case studies.

Human Clinical Trials is the central topic, some of the main subtopics discussed are:

  • ICH-GCP standard in food studies.
  • Quality & Data Management.
  • Human Clinical Studies in specific populations: e.g. elderly, athletes, diabetes, IBS patients.
  • Case Studies of completed Clinical Trials in different health areas, populations and technology.
  • Clinical Result Translation.
  • Microbiome and Dietary analysis interpretation. 
  • Health Claims Regulation.

Our Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialises in Functional Foods, Beverages, Ingredients, Supplements, Medical Foods, Sports Nutrition, Probiotics & Microbiome-based Therapeutics Studies. The webinars will be framed around this context. Feel free to request any other topic of  interest to you through our Contact us page.

The first webinar of this series is Exploring Human Food Clinical Trials. It runs for 25 mins. Join us to unveil the secrets of RCT’s within the nutraceutical industry: operations, quality, data management as well as the main differences between drug and food clinical studies.

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