Microbiome Movement Drug Development 2019 | Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Atlantia will be attending the Microbiome Movement Drug Development Summit from the 26th–28th of June in Boston. This event focuses around the human microbiome in disease treatment and in discussing the creation of a new generation of therapeutics, biomarkers and diagnostics to patients. This event is an opportunity for Atlantia to meet with peers from pharmaceuticals and academic researchers to understand the causal and therapeutic potential of the human microbiome as it is one of the main areas in nutritional companies. There will be speakers that will be presenting in the following areas;

  • Discovery & pre-clinical development process: Live Biotherapeutic and small molecule, modelling for Microbiome-Based Therapeutics and pharmaceutical perspectives & partnership strategies for Microbiome-Based Therapeutics
  • Clinical & Commercialisation development process: CMC/Manufacturing & scale-up of Microbiome-Based Therapeutics, FMT clinical design & development.

Our CEO, Andrea Doolan will be speaking at the Event. If you would like to meet with one of our team, you can schedule a meeting in advance.