Pharmabiotics 2019 | Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Atlantia is one of the official sponsors of Pharmabiotics 2019 an event that combine conferences, one-to-one meetings, exhibiting and innovation showcases. This edition is organized by Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) will take place in Paris on 13-14th March and some of the topics explored during these days will be:

  • Microbiome health: The Microbiome & Cancer, the Gut-Lung Axis, the Human Urogenital Microbiome, advancing Applied Microbiome Research, navigating Regulatory Pathways for Your Microbiome Products
  • Removing Bias in Sampling and Bioinformatics Techniques
  • Development Process Technologies: From Bench to Bedside
  • Understanding, Leveraging & Engineering the Human Virome
  • Market Trends and Investment, The Latest Industry Innovations
  • Developing Synthetically Engineered Pharmabiotics

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