Atlantia Clinical Trials take the virtual main stage at the Pharmabiotics online web series

Atlantia Clinical Trials take the virtual main stage at the Pharmabiotics online web series.

This unique event dedicates the entire month of October to microbiome innovation and science. Pharmabiotics Research Institute brings together a panel of industry experts and renowned researchers all with the same outlook, ‘New industries require new insights’.

Organised by The Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI), We will be speaking on October 7th, 2020, be sure to tune in!

All speakers on Wednesday October 7th will discuss; COVID and Microbiome: Impact on Health and Business

More specifically;

  • The impact Covid-19 posed on companies using Fecal Microbiota.
  • A metanalysis and Benchmark on Covid-19 and Microbiome clinical research.
  • Should it be a priority to invest in microbiome research in a Covid world?
  • The role of probiotic organisms in shaping an immune system which is unsusceptible to Covid-19 infection.

Speaker bio: Suszie Tyree is a Medical Writer for Atlantia Clinical Trials with a background in scientific research. Suszie received her Master’s degree from Otago University (New Zealand) studying the role of high-fat diet and dietary hormones on brain functions related to anxiety. Prior to joining the team at Atlantia, Suszie also spent three years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University (California, USA).

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The PRI is a European association dedicated to helping its members conceive, develop, produce and market medicines and therapies based on the Human Microbiome. Learn more about them: https://www.pharmabioticsonline.com