Atlantia celebrates the World Microbiome Day 2019

World Microbiome Day is an annual event that is about creating awareness around the world of microbes.  This annual event was launched last year by the APC Microbiome Ireland, a national institute with which Atlantia is delighted to be close partners with. The theme of this years World Microbiome Day is ‘Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics’.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and archaea can be found everywhere in and on plants, animals, water, soil, food and humans. Within each of those habitats, microorganisms live together in communities called microbiomes. Microbiomes can have an effect on human health therefore, scientists are exploring how these communities of organisms co-exist with each other, with us and our environment.

As antibiotics are the worlds most precious medicines, it is important to raise awareness about the important issues around antibiotics and to encourage people to be responsible with their use. Overuse of antibiotics, in both people and animals, can be the obstacle which can lead to bacterial resistance to the antibiotics.

At Atlantia, we are experts in delivering ICH-GCP standard clinical studies for functional foods & beverages, nutraceuticals, medical foods, dietary supplements, probiotics and live therapeutics.

To celebrate this awareness day, the team at Atlantia had a probiotic lunch with foods such as Miso soup, probiotic yoghurts, pickles and other fermented foods. The event was successful and Atlantia will be continuing to celebrate this day annually.  

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