Cardiovascular Health

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Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials has experience in conducting trials in the related areas of cardiovascular health, metabolic health and obesity. Our researcher team will work with the client company to design a study most suitable for their products, analysing EFSA Guidelines 1,2 and opinions, peer-reviewed publications, agreeing the most suitable end-points and statistically powering studies to ensure that studies will meet requirements. Some of the various clinical factors that we can evaluate include;

Cardiovascular health

  • Lipid and lipoprotein profiles - total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, Apolipoprotein A1 and B, triglycerides, Omega 3 fatty acids EPA/DHA, Conjugated Linoleic acid
  • Inflammatory/cardiovascular markers - hsCRP, inflammatory cytokines, bradykinin, cortisol, ACE inhibition
  • Blood pressure - systolic/diastolic blood pressure, ambulatory blood pressure (e.g. 48hr)
  • Blood flow - endothelial function e.g. flow mediated dilation (FMD)

Metabolic health/Obesity

  • Body composition/body weight - lean muscle, % body fat, % body water etc. using DEXA or Tanita anthropometic measurements - waist circumference, caliper skin fold thickness, body composition analyser (bioimpedance)
  • Satiety related hormones - leptin, ghrelin, cholecystokinin plasma, GLP1, growth hormones
  • Metabolic markers, including post prandial blood glucose (e.g. 2hours), insulin, adiponectin, glucagon
  • Behavioural assessments - appetite profile using visual analogue scales (VAS), reduced sense of hunger
  • Energy and nutrient intake
  • Weight management
  • Physical performance - exercise/daily activity log & questionnaires, strength/endurance testing