Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials staff have been involved in many clinical studies in an elderly population, in a variety of health areas, including sarcopenia, cognition, physical performance, osteoarthritis and anaemia. We work with our clients to design a study most suitable for their functional product, analysing EFSA Guidance documents and opinions, peer-reviewed publications, agreeing the most suitable end-points and statistically powering studies to ensure that studies will meet requirements. We have an extensive database of suitable volunteers, ranging from healthy to institutionalised elderly, in order support volunteer recruitment for any trial type. In an elderly population the types of clinical measurements we can provide include -

Physical performance/Body composition

  • Physical performance - hand grip strength, chair stand, 6 minute walking test, 2 minute step test
  • Agility - chair seat and reach, back scratch test
  • Body composition measurements for aspects such as sarcopenia e.g. lean muscle, % body fat, % body water etc. using DXA or bioimpedance; measurement of inflammatory markers

Mental health

  • Cognitive function – standardised cognitive test battery, e.g.CANTAB- can test memory, attention, alertness, problem solving,
    memory, mini-Mental
  • Psychological stress/mood - psychometric measures using validated scales, and changes in biological stress indicators (salivary and plasma cortisol, IgA, tryptophan and heart rate, sleep), changes in appetite and mood ratings
  • Anxiety, using validated anxiety scales such as Hamilton anxiety rating scale, sleep quality etc.

Uptake of nutritional compounds

  • Sarcopenia - plasma testing for acute uptake of amino acid uptake following protein ingestion (e.g. essential, non-essential, branched amino acids or amino acid metabolites), total protein, albumin, urea
  • Anaemia - iron uptake (serum iron, transferrin saturation, iron binding capacity, ferritin levels)
  • Other nutritional/clinical measurements include creatinine, glucose, insulin, serum triglyceride, omega-3 fatty acids, serum and urinary urea, urinary ammonia, oxidative stress

GastrointestinaI health

  • GI transit, bowel function, constipation, dysphagia
  • GI microbiota diversity, linked with food frequency questionnaires to establish food intake diversity

Cardiovascular health

  • Blood pressure - ambulatory blood pressure
  • Improved blood flow - Endothelial function e.g. flow mediated dilation (FMD)