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Functional Ingredient, Improves Physical Strength

An Artificial Intelligence Characterised Functional Ingredient, Derived from Rice, Inhibits TNF-  and Significantly Improves Physical Strength in an Inflammaging Population. Food-derived bioactive peptides...

A Novel Class of Psychotropic

Psychobiotics: A Novel Class of Psychotropic

Here, we define a psychobiotic as a live organism that, when ingested in adequate amounts, produces a health benefit in patients suffering from psychiatric illness. As a class of probiotic, these bacteria are capable...

gut brain axis research

The microbiota-gut-brain axis

The importance of the gut-brain axis in maintaining homeostasis has long been appreciated. However, the past 15 yr have seen the emergence of the microbiota (the trillions of microorganisms within and on our bodies)...

microbiome and diet

Feeding melancholic microbes: recommendations on diet and mood

Depression is a highly prevalent disorder which exerts a major economic impact in all European countries. The brain-gut-microbiota axis has been described as a new paradigm for advancing understanding and treatment...

neurological disorders

The gut microbiome in neurological disorders

Research into the role of the gut microbiome in modulating brain function has rapidly increased over the past 10 years, albeit chiefly in animal models. Increasing clinical and preclinical evidence implicates the...

psychobiotics pre clinical

Bifidobacterium longum 1714 as a translational psychobiotic

The emerging concept of psychobiotics—live microorganisms with a potential mental health benefit—represents a novel approach for the management of stress-related conditions. The majority of studies have focused on...

cardiovascular clinical study

Efficacy of Isomaltulose in Modulating Endothelial Function in Overweight Adults

Hyperglycemia is linked to impaired arterial endothelial function (EF), an early sign of cardiovascular disease. We compared the efficacy of low‐glycemic index isomaltulose with that of sucrose in modulating EF, as...

Bifidobacterium breve Bif195

Probiotic protects against small intestinal damage in healthy volunteers

Enteropathy and small-intestinal ulcers are common side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Safe, cytoprotective strategies are needed to reduce this risk. Specific...


Gut microbiota composition correlates with diet and health in the elderly

Here we show that the faecal microbiota composition from 178 elderly subjects formed groups, correlating with residence location in the community, day-hospital, rehabilitation or in long-term residential care.


Constipation: a technical overview of symptoms

It is estimated that only approximately one third of constipated patients will seek medical attention but the majority will use over-the-counter medications or supplements, such as laxatives, probiotics, fibre or...

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