Sports Performance

Sports & Physical Performance

Sports & Physical Performance

In partnership with the Mardyke Sports and Health Arena Atlantia has experience in delivering clinical trials in the sports performance area to examine improved physical performance in as athletes, or individuals engaged in physical work. We work with our clients to design a study most suitable for their analysing peer-reviewed publications, agreeing the most suitable end-points and statistically powering studies to ensure that studies will meet requirements. The trials can be designed to asses both single consumption (e.g. sports drink or energy bar) versus long term consumption (e.g. protein for sports recovery). Through our close working relationship with sports medicine experts, exercise physiologists and certified trainers/ strength conditioning coaches, we have comprehensive experience in many aspects of physical performance and can provide the following –

  • Access to world-class facilities at the Mardyke Sports Arena www.mardykearena.com
  • Specifically designed training programmes and assessments for trial subjects e.g. resistance training, aerobic training.
  • Indirect calorimetry using a Cosmed Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) unit - enables the assessment of fat & carbohydrate metabolism, energy cost of exercise, resting metabolic rate, inspiratory and expiratory lung function.
  • Body composition measurements e.g. % lean muscle, body fat, etc. using either DXA or bioimpedance, anthropometric measures such as muscle circumference.
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness - O2 uptake, CO2 production, maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max), anaerobic threshold, which can be assessed in a variety of exercise modes
  • Strength assessments - Biodex System 3 which can measure isokinetic function (eccentric and concentric), and isometric strength, on all the major muscle groups
  • Aerobic fitness, lower/upper body strength, acceleration, speed, agility, flexibility and multi-sprint endurance, all of which are ideally suited to the assessment of the more active individual.
  • Physical performance - reduced time taken to run/cycle a certain distance, increased acceleration, one repetition maximum weight lifted (1RM), jumping height, aerobic capacity/VO2max, economy of motion, muscle fatigue, flexibility and range of motion, abdominal strength.
  • Endurance capacity - lactate threshold, multi-sprint endurance

Physiological effects

  • Biodex isokinetic strength analysis, jump performance
  • Lung Function e.g. PEF, vital capacity, % FEV
  • Indirect calorimetry using Cosmed Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) for fat & carbohydrate metabolism

We also have a suite of functional tests suitable to assess physical performance in the older adult, which would be ideal when assessing the effect of long-term ingestion of a food ingredient in improving physical activity;

Physical performance

  • Timed get up & go, chair stand, 6 min walking test, stair Climb power test
  • Agility, gait speed, Flexibility
  • Handgrip strength, Arm Curl with hand weight
  • Knee flexion/extension
  • Peak expiratory flow