Our current and upcoming Studies

Below are our current and upcoming studies. If you are looking for further information in relation to any of these studies, please email studies@atlantiafoodtrials.com

Vitamin D Study
Atlantia are evaluating the tolerability and safety of long term use of patented transdermal patches in healthy adults...
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Memory loss
We are currently recruiting two studies that are evaluating the effect of a 24 week daily supplement on Memory...
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GluDigest Study
We are studying the digestion of gluten and if it can be improved with food supplements
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Prediabetes-Insulin Resistance Study
We are evaluating the effect of a 120-day oral supplement on insulin sensitivity & markers of glycaemic control in...
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DIME Study
We are evaluating the effect of a daily oral supplement on glycaemic control and insulin sensitivity in otherwise...
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Prediabetes-Broccoli Study
We are investigating the effect of a concentrated broccoli formula and its potential benefit for reducing and/or...
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We are evaluating the effect of a fibre supplement (Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum) on stool frequency in adults who...
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Ulcerative Colitis Study
We are evaluating the effects of a non-digestible carbohydrates (similar to a dietary fibre) on its impact on gut...
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The Process

If you have any questions on the process, please get in touch!


Fill out online Pre-Screening Form. Eligibility assessed.


Call for Telephone Screening. Eligibility assessed.


Screening Visit. Eligibility determined. Free Health Check - Blood Pressure, BMI, Blood sample taken.


Subsequent Visits. Consumption of Product. Observation for potential benefit


Final visit. Reimbursed for your time. Help to create new health products in the future.