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Immunity Clinical Trials
Immune Human Clinical Studies
AtlantiaAdmin | 04 September
The human microbiome and its interaction with the immune system is a well researched topic. However, past knowledge seems to become outdated.  Dr. Liam O'
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EFSA Nutritional Health Claims
EFSA Health Claims
AtlantiaAdmin | 29 July
Health claims within the EU is a well discussed and well researched topic. However, the articles and research alike tend to focus on a specific claim
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gut microbiome clinical studies
Atlantia at the World Microbiome Day 2020
AtlantiaAdmin | 19 June
The World Microbiome Day is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about microbes, or how as some call them, the good bugs that inhabit our
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food clinical trials
New FMD clinical study published by Nutrients
AtlantiaAdmin | 09 April
The article, Efficacy of Isomaltulose Compared to Sucrose in Modulating Endothelial Function in Overweight Adults, has been published earlier this year in the
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Human Clinical Trials, at glance by Atlantia Food Clinical Trials
AtlantiaAdmin | 18 March
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials would like to announce the release of a series of On-Demand Webinars. They are available free of charge from today onwards.While
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Atlantia Food Clinical Trials CEO
Our CEO, Andrea Doolan, industry panellist at Select USA
AtlantiaAdmin | 25 February
Select USA is an event organised by Cork Chamber in partnership with the US Embassy in Ireland. SelectUSA is the U.S. Government’s federal level agency that is
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Nutraceuticals Madrid 2020
Nutraceuticals Europe Summit 2020
AtlantiaAdmin | 27 January
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is exhibiting at Nutraceuticals Europe, an international event for the industry of functional ingredients and novel ingredients.
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Pharmabiotics 2020
AtlantiaAdmin | 16 January
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials returns as official sponsors to Pharmabiotics, an event that combine conferences, one-to-one meetings, exhibiting and innovation
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Probiota Europe 2020 Dublin
Probiota Europe 2020
AtlantiaAdmin | 16 January
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is back as Platinum Sponsor Probiota Europe. This event brings together industry professionals to discuss the latest topics in
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Microbiome therapeutics
The 4th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Europe 2020
AtlantiaAdmin | 15 January
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials returns as Innovation Partner to the 4th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Europe 2020, one of the main industry meeting
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Ted Dinan
Professor Ted Dinan, joins Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd. as Medical Director
AtlantiaAdmin | 14 January
Ted Dinan, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and a Principal Investigator in APC Microbiome Ireland at University College Cork, has joined as Medical Director
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contract research organisation
Industry opportunities and take outs of the WHO’s latest nutrition report 
AtlantiaAdmin | 07 November
The WHO, World Health Organisation, has released a new report stressing the importance of nutrition in healthcare. “Stronger focus on nutrition within health
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