Brain-Gut-Microbiota Axis: A Novel Target for Drug Development

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Duration: 34 min

Abstract: Join our Medical Director, Ted Dinan on this free to attend presentation. That bacteria might have a positive mental health benefit is now becoming clear. Such bacteria may influence the capacity to deal with stress, reducing anxiety, perhaps positively impacting on mood and are now called psychobiotics. Whether they are capable of acting like and in some circumstances, replacing antidepressants remains to be seen.


TED DINAN | Medical Director at Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and a Principal Investigator in APC Microbiome Ireland at University College Cork. He has been mentioned as part of the Highly Cited Researchers, by Clarivate Analytics. and by Expertscape.  Prof. Dinan has promoted the concept of Psychobiotics, probiotics that have a mental health benefit.

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